New QNAP TVS-1282T3 i7 Thunderbolt 3 DAS/ NAS

thunderbolt 3 nas and das

New QNAP TVS-1282T3 i7  Thunderbolt 3 DAS/ NAS

Thunderbolt 3 NAS has arrived from QNAP in the QNAP TVS-1282T3 NAS Server…

Using the TVS-1282T chassis (8 HDD, 4x SSD and 2x M.2)

Four TB2 ports – 2x TB2 and 2x TB3

No mention yet if this TB3 connectivity will be spread to the smaller 6 and 8 Bay units – Most likely

3 Rear Fans

2 rear speakers

same PCIe slots but one is taken by the TB3, one by the TB2 and one by the 10GBe (2 or each port)

3x HDMI – 4K

5x USB 3.0 Ports

Featuring i5 or i7 CPU with upto 64GB of DDR4 Memory

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